Dressage Training

Finding a dressage trainer that will work with you and your horse is an important part of the process of becoming a rider that can earn high marks in your tests. Natalie works with all levels of riders and horses to raise the bar on your performance in dressage tests. Natalie Hammond is well regarded as one of the top instructors in the Midwest with International experience.

Training Options

Get trained by one of the best Dressage riders/trainers in the St. Louis area. Natalie offers the following training options out of St. Louis Equestrian Center in Wildwood, MO.

  • Personalized Lessons Full Training (5 training rides/lessons a week)
  • Half Training (3 training rides/lessons a week)
  • Show Assistance
  • Clinics

Please contact us for pricing information and so that we can answer all of your questions.